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World of Children© Award is proud to partner with Molten – one of the world’s top suppliers of athletic balls and sports equipment – in support of their Pass It Forward program. The Pass It Forward program is part of Molten’s Give Joy initiative and is designed to provide youth participants the tools they need to share the joy of sport and play with other children while engaging them in meaningful discussion regarding the importance of philanthropy, sportsmanship and accountability.

Together, World of Children Award and Molten are furthering our collective mission of helping children. This year, we’ve teamed up with 2012 World of Children Award Youth Honoree Kyle Weiss to bring the joy of sport and play to the children served in his program, FUNDaFIELD. Molten will be providing various ball donations throughout the year which will no doubt provide hours of fun and excitement for the children Kyle helps. Kyle and his brother founded FUNDaFIELD in 2007 with the plan to build soccer fields in regions where children have experienced conflict or major trauma. To date, Kyle has built fields for children in Haiti and many nations throughout Africa.


Kyle Weiss playing soccer with children in Haiti

How Does Pass It Forward Work?

Pass It Forward volleyballMolten has committed to the distribution of Pass It Forward volleyballs, basketballs and soccer balls throughout the United States. Each ball is printed with three simple instructions: Play with it, Post about it, Pass it on!

By encouraging Pass It Forward participants to pass their ball forward to someone new, Molten gives them the opportunity to start a meaningful conversation about sportsmanship, philanthropy and the joy of giving. In all things, Molten encourages youth to be educated and active.

cheerleaders with pass it forward volleyballs

How Can You Help?

You can learn more about the Pass It Forward program by visiting Participants can leave comments, upload photos and access educational information.

You can also lend your support to our Honorees, like Kyle, whose selfless efforts are responsible for bringing joy, protection, education and more to thousands of children around the globe. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch, or give a donation today.

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