The 2013 World of Children Award Honorees

Lauren Bush Lauren

Lauren Bush Lauren

2013 Advocacy Award


This year, World of Children® Award will honor Lauren Bush Lauren to celebrate the significant work FEED has done for hungry children worldwide. Lauren first saw the terrible realities of hunger and poverty while traveling the world as the Honorary Spokesperson for the United Nations World Food Programme. These experiences inspired her to combine her two passions: design and making a difference for children in real need.

In 2005, she designed a bag that would allow consumers to help feed children around the world.Two years later, she founded FEED. Sales benefit the UN World Food Programme, US Fund for UNICEF, and Feeding America.


Every day, 350 million children around the world go hungry. Hunger affects every aspect of a young person’s life, from making them more susceptible to diseases to stunting their growth and mental abilities.


FEED sales support effective programs that fight hunger and malnutrition around the world. FEED is now a major humanitarian force that has provided over 60 million school meals to children around the world.

SCHOOL LUNCH: Nutritious lunches at school not only keep a child from going hungry, but also improve their performance and school and empower them to break out of poverty.

NUTRITION: Micronutrient powder, Vitamin A supplements and nutrient-rich peanut butter paste give children the added boost they need to develop properly, grow and thrive later in life.


60 million+ school meals have been provided to children around the world

46,000 children have benefited from nutritional supplements

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