The 2013 World of Children Award Honorees

Honoring 6 Heroes improving the lives of vulnerable children

On November 7, 2013, we met in New York City to honor 6 of the bravest, most selfless individuals helping children we know—the 2013 World of Children Award Honorees. These men and women have devoted much of their lives to improving the well-being of vulnerable children around the world.

The year 2013 was a particularly special year because it marked when we honored our 100th Honoree. Click on a button below to read the inspiring stories of our 2013 Honorees or explore the events surrounding the 2013 Awards Ceremony in which we honored these heroes.


Did you know that we found these amazing child advocates because of people like YOU? Each year people from all over the world nominate a hero helping children for a World of Children Award. Thank you for your continued support. It makes all the difference.

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