Help a child walk and run for the first time.

Girl walking on her own

These Children Couldn't Walk. Now, They Thrive.

Mujtaba, Lee Linda and Seyha couldn't walk because of a limb disability. Now, they play with friends, run around, and score first in their class, thanks to 2013 Honoree Mead Welles and his program, A Leg To Stand On. Click below to read their stories.

Be a Child's Lifelong Hero.

Imagine not being able to walk to the market, tie your shoelaces, or jump out of bed. Imagine a life without the proper use of your arms or legs. That’s the reality many children around the world face each day. But your support does not just help a child today; it lasts a lifetime. When a child who could not stand without crutches receives a prosthetic limb or corrective surgery, her whole world is transformed. Suddenly, she is able to walk to school on her own and keep up with her friends. She no longer has to sit inside, or depend on her family to help her with basic tasks.

Once resigned to a life of dependence, closed doors and limitations, a child is suddenly given the ABILITY achieve her dreams.

What is your ability? What impossibilities have you overcome?

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