Children who can’t walk need your help.

Right now, a child can’t walk, go to school, play with friends or lead an independent life because of their disability. You can change that.

man holding child with leg cast
Your funding could help this child in Nepal receive surgery for club foot

Help a child who can’t walk get the care they need.

You can help a child suffering from club foot, limb loss, Spina Bifida or the lingering effects of polio get the care they need to walk on their own two feet.

100% of your gift supports children in need

How it Works

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Your donation underwrites the cost of a child’s leg brace, prosthetic limb, or corrective surgery.

Support a Hero

We partner with heroes who are on the ground leading high impact programs for children with limb disabilities.

Help a Child Walk

Your funding reaches a child in desperate need of orthopedic care, helping them walk for the first time.

We often take the use of our arms and legs for granted. Having two arms and legs not only lets us accomplish simple, everyday tasks, but gives us freedom and independence. Life is exceedingly more difficult for a child without an arm or leg. How do you tie your shoelaces with only one hand? How do you go to school when you can barely stand? How do you make friends if you can’t join your peers on the playground? In developing countries, these challenges are compounded by poverty, social stigma and a lack of advanced medical care. An estimated 90% of children who live in developing countries will never attend school, get a job or marry, solely because of their disability.

Simply having access to orthopedic care can dramatically improve a child’s life. That’s why we’re partnering with Mead Welles, co-founder of A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO) and recipient of the 2013 World of Children Health Award. For more than a decade, A Leg To Stand On has provided free orthopedic care for more than 11,000 children with limb disabilities in the developing world. ALTSO’s mission is to offer children who have lost their limbs in traumatic accidents or suffer from congenital disabilities the physical capability to access opportunities and self-esteem earned through education, work and mobility. Learn more »

A Leg To Stand OnWorld of Children Award
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