World of Children Award Requirements & Guidelines

Honoree with Children

In our mission to support life-changing work for children, we seek out only the most effective changemakers for children worldwide. To help us maintain this gold standard, all Nominees must meet these minimum requirements.


Nominees must have full knowledge that they are being nominated. We strongly recommend that the person you are nominating and the related organization assist you in completing the nomination form.

Nominees must be available to participate in the Annual Awards Ceremonies held in New York City, USA on November 5, 2015. Travel and accommodations will be arranged and paid for by World of Children Award.

Nominees must be nominated for one Award only. Individuals submitted for multiple categories will be disqualified.

Nominees must have an existing non-profit organization in good standing. The organization must be able to receive grant funds if Awarded.

Nominee’s organization must be primarily focused on serving the needs of children. The mission of World of Children Award is to improve the lives of vulnerable children. Organizations serving a substantial number (or majority) of adults, while wonderful in their own right, do not align with this mission and may be disqualified.

World of Children Award excludes any work designed to specifically advance any one religion or political position. The Board of Governors of World of Children Award reserves the right to exclude Nominations it deems to be religious or political in nature.


Adult Nominees must do this work over and above their normal employment. Alternatively, the Nominee must work for little or no pay.

Adult Nominees must have been doing this work for a minimum of 10 years. Individuals submitted with less than 10 years of work will be disqualified.


Youth Nominees can be nominated for the Youth Award only, and must be under the age of 21 by the nomination submission deadline to be eligible.

Youth Nominees must have been doing this work for a minimum of 3 years. Individuals submitted with less than 3 years will be disqualified.

Now that you’ve read through the Award Requirements, we invite you to help us find our next Honorees. Nominations for our 2015 Awards are now open! You can create an account and begin a Nomination by clicking on the button below.

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Our 5-Step Award Process >

Calls for Nominees
We issue a global call for nominations. Over a 90 day period, we receive hundreds of nominations from all across the globe.
Finalists Selected
Our program team considers every nominee, and passes their first-round selections to our National Selection Committee, Youth Award Review Committee and our International Advisory Committee to select finalists.
On-site Nominee Audit
An International Investigative Agency performs on-site investigations and independent audits of all our finalists.
Final Approval
Our Board of Governors conducts its final review and votes on Honorees who will receive Award grants.
Award Ceremony
Our Honorees receive their Awards at our annual event in New York City.